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How will nanofabricators and replicators be designed?

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I think most of the futuristic stuff will result of our ability to build products atom by atom.  The machines do this are more complex than that though.  How do you think they will be designed and created? will it be with Nanobots? Swarm Bots? quantum teleportation (for scanning atoms)? What do you think it will be?



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These are trillion dollar questions. lol

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if I had to guess I'd say the first real breakthrough on this will be a combination of addative and subtractive manufacturing. essentially building blocks that bond to each other and then etching the atomic details into them before bonding. addative manufacture would likely be done in a sort of molecular gun that pops out one molecule at a time and always the same molecule. That molecule would be one that when combined with any of several different molecules from neighboring 'guns' can for several multi use base materials. Once you have those base materials then can be percipitated out to form the blocks like sediment forms rock only much faster. The blocks could then be etched into molecular gears or circut designs before being connected to one another into larger and complex smart materials.


The first such a device (I tend to refer to the idea as a array) will be built by mixing chemicals to form to form the same assortment of chemicals that the molecular guns will pop out in the future. These molecules will be poured out and assembled via atomic microscope with and adapted pushing tip. They will be manuevered into place and assembled into the guns. With the first small array built of just one of each style of gun they can then use the guns and feed lines for the base molecule mixtures to manufacture a second array. Each of which could build another, and each of those could build another. until they have replicated to the point of being able to cover a surface like the interrior of a microwave or a swimming pool.

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