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Could Immortality Exist?


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Firstly my all time favorite movie is called The Man From Earth. It's about a Caveman who has lived up until the modern era and he tells a group of professors his life's story. A couple of interesting "paranormal" or "science fiction" topics were highlighted in the movie. My question is, could Immortality as a process or just MAYBE immortal people be out there? waiting to be discovered and accepted. A) These Immortals wouldn't be invincible, they wouldn't have super powers. They could still get sick. Still get wounded, still get killed. A quark in their immune system would allow their body processes to keep on living, forever. B) Change identities every 10 years or so to prevent from being discovered. C) They would only have knowledge as knowledge emerged. For instance, he explains that he didn't know what the ocean waves were until they were actually knowledge and printed/described in textbooks. D) They would be outside of our time-stream as in Doctor Who. E) They are not God, They are not all knowing. They still live lives and only have one perspective of events. F) Would they start religions? Except in the story the man goes on to explain that when he traveled with Buddha and tried to teach it to others, they took the teachings and layered it with myths upon myths. Once they saw that he couldn't die, they chased him until they TIED him to the cross. Apparently Nails and blood were added to the story later for religious symbolism. In another lifetime he learns how to control his body movements to near-death like state and thus is resurrected! People freak out and Christianity is born! This to me seems like a better version than a virgin birth and a miracle worker from the Heavens right? Why not? G) Who else would they be in history? Or travel with and learn from if they just had TIME to explore everything possible? Van Gogh, Columbus? H) Would they be able to tell if there were others like them? How could they prove it? How could they prove it to others? How could others disprove it? How much knowledge would they have about the world? Primitive cultures worship immortal beings. What if these beings weren't aliens or Gods? What if they were human but immortal humans are just as alien to these primitive cultures as they were to our own!!!! Also consider the possibility of bacteria or viruses? A virus out there that could affect humans as much as to make some live....forever
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