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Future Predictions 2011-2200

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Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

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Some of these predictions are amazing, jjf3

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.




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As far as black market body parts go this is slightly true, though it's not the black market. There was a post in the news thread not long ago about it.




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Good call on the facebook thing. Although not exactly like you predicted, they have recently purchased occulus rift and will likely do something similar with it.




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Update time

2011- 2015

2011- Commercial Space Flight becomes affordable: Private Space tourism companies just announced a new trip into space which will cost $50,000.00!

end of 2011- Smart TVs: Most Televisions in the home are now Smart Internet connected TVs with many features. Many smartphones are adapting advanced wireless techniques to remain constantly connected to all your media content on the go.

2012- College Working Class Emerges: As start ups bloom again in Silicon Valley and more young people start their own companies without traditional educations many wonder if this is a new class of people

2012- Climate Change Debate Heats Up--Again: A group of “Climateers” is making news all across the globe. While the, “Global Climate Change” debate rages on they vow to not use anything that has been created by destructive force. They believe in the three basic necessities of life food, water, and shelter. They live out in the woods and attend political rallies; The Hippie comeback?

Dec 21, 2012: No! It's not the end of the world, but that didn't stop mass suicides, looting, and increasing religious gatherings throughout the world. It becomes the biggest media event in the world crashing both Facebook and Twitter servers as people say Sayonara

2013- Obama Secures Second Term: Republicans outraged as Obama barely secures second White House Term. Partially due to his 'contacts.'

2013- Microsoft comeback: WP7 and Windows 8 dominate in record breaking sales; Microsoft once again is the world's most powerful computer company! Much to Apple's disappointment and especially after the death of their beloved Steve Jobs.

2013- Death of the DVD: With files rapidly streaming from just about any mobile device one can think of, Hollywood is reconsidering their strategy when it comes to DVD marketing and is moving towards instant streaming services for Apple TV, Netflix and other providers. TVs and Desktop computers are also hurting in sales.

End of 2013 RFID Reigns: Shopping Retails in large cities across the world have implemented the next stage in RFID technology. Now that most people have smartphones and mobile payments, the groceries are instantly updated on the phone scanned via RFID and paid instantly without checking out. Airlines and other stores will soon get rid of their cashiers as well.

2014- Iran gains full Nuclear Status: North Korea not far behind; Russian tensions rise..

2014- The Underground Body Part Movement: Body Parts easily replaced through stem cell research programs, and body harvesting is a new international underground! The gangs sell the body parts to people in third world countries who cannot afford the technology or rising cost of basic health care.

2015: Telsa Creates new form of Hydrogen: Telsa a company that has been researching the future of the automobile for awhile now, has come up with a better solution than electronic cars. This process combines electric, hydrogen, and the use of gasoline as well. Electric charging stations and now Hydrogen ones are popping up all over the place. Hybrid Conversion now available at your local Auto Repair Shop!

2015: Facebook Announces Lifestream: "Always be with your friends." That's the new slogan behind Facebook's new feature. It is a new form of social networking which is bound to leave Reality TV in the dust! LifeStream is a new feature on Facebook where friends can follow you live, in real time, on video! Small cameras connected to city free city wifi follow your every move. The privacy debate rages on.

More to come........


No on affordable space flight quite just yet. They're still going for $250.000, but we have http://www.telegraph...ism-begins.html


No to smart TVs in 2011 but they definitely have entered the mainstream en masse so 2014 is its mainstream saturation point


The college working class thing is just not happening


Neo hippies? Haven't seen them because modern technology is just too attractive


Obviously Obama won and it's actually led to the Republicans losing power


Microsoft is still as middle-upper ground as well. Windows 8 was a disaster


DVDs are still around but barely. Archival disks are soon to be the new big thing and blu rays are soon to be the new DVDs

RFID hasn't taken off. If anything it's stagnated.


Iran did not. Stuxnet is probably to credit/blame. 


I don't know if this one was true, but something's telling me "stem cell grown body parts do not compose a large sector of the black market"


I don't even know how to respond to this one. If you mean they're creating a new form of hydrogen fuel cells, maybe that's possible, but I think we're stuck with the forms of hydrogen we have now and have had for billions of years for a good long time.


Can't answer that last one obviously, but it's certainly possible with the Oculus Rift, some AR glasses, and drones to even see what your friends are seeing from their perspective! 

and as for as i know Obama did not barely win the election he dominated Romney 



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DVDs aren't dead yet, are they? I mean, you can still get them at Redbox.

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