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Virus Alert

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I noticed that we were having some problems earlier today on the forum. One of the things I did was run a mal-ware detection sweep through my own system. My mal-ware software detected two items of suspicion. This is very unusual in that it normally comes up with  a no-detect.


So, if we are going to start poking around in the Ukraine, ISIS related sites, and criticising the NSA it would probably be a good idea to come up with a good virus protection strategy. I suspect the folks that run this site are way ahead of me in this regards, so I would definitely invite them to share their thoughts on how we can all be more effective in dealing with such threats - without giving away their deepst darkest secrets that might actually benefit prospective hackers.


Anybody else have any ideas on this point?

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I don't know, it's a difficult one really. Perhaps the introduction of a rule that would allow us only to share links approved by a trusted virus checker (Norton, etc.) would be good.

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