Looking for transhumanism advocates (or critics)

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Looking for transhumanism advocates (or critics)

Post by chicanaminha »

Hi everyone!

I'm currently involved in a community-driven NFT project where the community and NFT artists collaborate on an art piece collection.

This is an invitation for members in this group (who I have observed to be very passionate) to share their ideas, thoughts, design concepts or give feedback on the art pieces as they develop. The art collection is about the world's problems in today's modern society.

Having input from diverse representations would be very valuable for this project to be meaningful and achieve its mission, and proceeds from the auction will go to charity.

I found this forum and thought that there might be people here who have something to contribute about:

🎨︱transhumanism - augmenting artificial devices into our bodies

Would anyone here be interested to take part? A lot of people are still new and exploring the subject, and we are looking to have a healthy and meaningful discussion about this subject, then translate it into art.

Here's the link to the community server, and the art pieces are on the #collection and #ideas channels: https://discord.gg/MyAJNaKH

Hope we can see someone from Future Timeline join us!
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Re: Looking for transhumanism advocates (or critics)

Post by funkervogt »

I joined (why not?).

All I see on the main page of the bulletin board is "Messages failed to load."
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Re: Looking for transhumanism advocates (or critics)

Post by Nanotechandmorefuture »

The average person who is not into tech still thinks transhumanism has something to do with transgenderism. You may have some issues with that for a while lol.
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