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My introduction

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I am William Fox, although most people call me Will. I'm 42 and live in London UK. I'm the creator and editor of

I've been into future-related stuff since childhood, when I used to watch Star Trek TNG and other shows, and read sci-fi books/comics such as 2000 AD.

It was only in the late 1990s/early 2000s that I became really passionate about futurology, having read the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson – detailing the colonisation and terraforming of Mars over a 200-year period. I also read JR Mooneyham's timeline of the future, which included some breathtaking predictions about the progress of society, transhumanism, and space travel in the centuries and millennia ahead.

I decided to create my own timeline, so began writing an offline version in late 2008. It went online in early 2009 and was initially sparse, but grew quickly as I added more and more entries. Then later a forum, blog, social media and other features. And here we are today.

We're living through a truly extraordinary period in human history. When you examine the long-term trends, there's no doubt that we're heading for some world-changing events in our lifetimes. Whether you want to call it the Singularity, or some other term, a big transition is coming. I've gone through cycles of being pessimistic and optimistic about the future. While politics today remains in a dire state, I'm increasingly convinced that we'll make it through the bad times, and achieve a more positive outcome for the world by 2100. Not just thanks to progress in science and technology but also increased collaboration, cultural connections, and a greater understanding of each other as human beings.
"Take it easy, nothing matters in the end."
– William Shatner
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