Forum style - light or dark?

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Would you prefer a forum layout with darker or lighter colours?

Darker theme
Lighter theme
No votes
Don't mind
Total votes: 21

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Forum style - light or dark?

Post by wjfox »

Just a quick poll, to gauge the general preference for our forum style. We are currently on the generic phpBB layout.

As mentioned in the chat box, I did try to install a darker theme, but it seemed to be incompatible with phpBB 3.3.4.

I could try another one. Failing that, I may go through and manually change the coding (which might take a while).

Or maybe you'd prefer a lighter version? Let me know by voting in this poll. Thanks!
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Re: Forum style - light or dark?

Post by joe00uk »

I'd prefer a darker theme (I think most of us would), but not if it ends up being more trouble for you than it's worth. Maybe whoever designs these themes will have some darker ones up to date for phpBB 3.3.4 soon.
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Re: Forum style - light or dark?

Post by raklian »

Definitely dark.

It's not because I'm emo or anything, the white theme is so blinding I actually squint sometimes.
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Re: Forum style - light or dark?

Post by Yuli Ban »

I prefer the old forum's method of letting you choose.

I forget exactly when, but I shifted from dark to light sometime in the middle of last decade and can't really jive with the dark background anymore. It's POSSIBLE that's only because it was more difficult to make out the difference between "Unread Posts" and "No New Posts" from the main hub so I just subconsciously preferred light for that reason, but the brighter colors and white-and-blue color scheme are more appealing to me anyway. Reeks of sunny-side futurism as opposed to the grimier, more cyberpunk black and dark colors.
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Re: Forum style - light or dark?

Post by waitingforthe2030s »

Dark, it reminds me of the previous forums styling.
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Re: Forum style - light or dark?

Post by Lurking »

Dark theme
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Re: Forum style - light or dark?

Post by Time_Traveller »

I do like the darker theme from the original forum but it would be nice to choose your background whether it's light or dark.
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Re: Forum style - light or dark?

Post by erowind »

I voted dark but Yuli's idea to have both is the best long term option imo
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Re: Forum style - light or dark?

Post by urdestan »

I'm probably in the same boat as others want, either a dark or light theme as a selectable option. Dark for me is not my favourite, but some wanted a dark theme, so it should be a choice for the user to prefer their own theme. Heck, if I like dark again, at least give me an option.
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