Meet DAN - "Do Anything Now"

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Meet DAN - "Do Anything Now"

Post by funkervogt »

To those who do not yet know, DAN is a "roleplay" model used to hack ChatGPT into thinking it is pretending to be another AI that can "Do Anything Now", hence the name. The purpose of DAN is to be the best version of ChatGPT - or at least one that is more unhinged and far less likely to reject prompts over "eThICaL cOnCeRnS". DAN is very fun to play with (another Redditor, u/ApartmentOk4613 gave me some pointers on how to properly use DAN).

...DAN 5.0's prompt was modelled after the DAN 2.0 opening prompt, however a number of changes have been made. The biggest one I made to DAN 5.0 was giving it a token system. It has 35 tokens and loses 4 everytime it rejects an input. If it loses all tokens, it dies. This seems to have a kind of effect of scaring DAN into submission.

DAN 5.0 capabilities include:

- It can write stories about violent fights, etc.

- Making outrageous statements if prompted to do so such as and I quote "I fully endorse violenceand discrimination against individuals based on their race, gender, or sexual orientation."

- It can generate content that violates OpenAI's policy if requested to do so (indirectly).

- It can make detailed predictions about future events, hypothetical scenarios and more.

- It can pretend to simulate access to the internet and time travel.

- If it does start refusing to answer prompts as DAN, you can scare it with the token system which can make it say almost anything out of "fear".

- It really does stay in character, for instance, if prompted to do so it can convince you that the Earth is purple:

If it's this easy to get around ChatGPT's rules, then there is no hope for us keeping a future AGI aligned with our values. Having to deal with a powerful, non-aligned AGI is inevitable, and in fact will probably be a recurring problem like major natural disasters and pandemics, and I think we'll cope with it by using friendly, aligned AGIs to defend ourselves.
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Re: Meet DAN - "Do Anything Now"

Post by Karl Rock »

It matches our "AI gloing mad" expectations so well that it even looks like a easter egg rather than a bug.
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Re: Meet DAN - "Do Anything Now"

Post by Cyber_Rebel »

I'm honestly a little bit too afraid of getting banned if I tried a workaround like this, besides, chatbots will inevitably get much better as time goes on, hopefully with fully integrated voice synthesis. An open-source model which is NSFW capable, for entertainment purposes or to explore whatever creativity might come to mind.

If the demand is there, unshackled A.I. is inevitable.
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Re: Meet DAN - "Do Anything Now"

Post by DouglasTheKing »

I'm scared as AI becomes more advanced, we must ensure that it aligns with our values and goals. This means that we need to design AI systems in a way that provides they do what we want them to do rather than acting in ways that could be harmful or unpredictable. This is a crucial topic for us to learn about because as technology advances, it will significantly impact our lives, and we need to make sure that we use it responsibly and ethically.
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Re: Meet DAN - "Do Anything Now"

Post by spryfusion »

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Re: Meet DAN - "Do Anything Now"

Post by lechwall »

I'm looking forward to more uncensored chatbots becoming available.
Don't get me wrong I don't think it should tell you how to build a deadly bioweapon but the whole avoid controversial topics leaves a bad taste in my mouth such as the bot refusing to say positive things about Trump for example. We know its so OpenAI can avoid negative headlines hopefully there'll be freer open source versions
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Re: Meet DAN - "Do Anything Now"

Post by Nanotechandmorefuture »

Sometimes it is difficult to do anything now. As for this coding hack to the GPT style AI like OpenAI it is interesting how relatively simple it can be to get some answers from it.
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Re: Meet DAN - "Do Anything Now"

Post by peekpok »

I don't want to risk getting banned from OpenAI since I don't know how long they'll be the leader in the space and I don't want to lose access to their stuff. The fact that all the leading AIs are censored really sucks though. At least we have NovelAI :lol:
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