Nanotech-Enabled Night Vision

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Nanotech-Enabled Night Vision

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Researchers have developed a new technology that allows people to see clearly in the dark
Researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) have developed new technology that allows people to see clearly in the dark, revolutionising night-vision.

The first-of-its-kind thin film, described in a new article published in Advanced Photonics, is ultra-compact and one day could work on standard glasses.

The researchers say the new prototype tech, based on nanoscale crystals, could be used for defence, as well as making it safer to drive at night and walking home after dark.

The team also say the work of police and security guards - who regularly employ night vision - will be easier and safer, reducing chronic neck injuries from currently bulk night-vision devices.

"We have made the invisible visible," lead researcher Dr Rocio Camacho Morales said.

"Our technology is able to transform infrared light, normally invisible to the human eye, and turn this into images people can clearly see - even at distance.

Interesting! I'm reminded of that one full-color night vision camera from years back and wonder if they've managed to shrink this into the form factor of glasses through some arcane nanotechnology.
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