Biohack: Virtual Awakening as Primitive FIVR

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Yuli Ban
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Biohack: Virtual Awakening as Primitive FIVR

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There's a peculiar phenomenon that occurs when people accidentally go to sleep while still wearing VR headsets. When they wake up, their minds do not fully register that they are still in a virtual environment, leading them to believe that everything around them is real!
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For a brief moment, virtual reality becomes your reality. But for right now, the only way to achieve this effect is to go to sleep and wake up in a virtual world. It's an interesting little shortcut.

My favorite comment:

My first one was in Elite: Dangerous on the Oculus DK2. I played for about 5 hours and got really tired, decided to shut all systems off except life support and fell asleep. I woke up a while later to find my ship had spun around to face the nearest star, and I awoke to a massive sunrise. I was totally absorbed for a little bit, not sure if it was a lucid dream or something, before I looked down and saw my lifeless in-game body.
For exploration games, I could see it being very peacefull to sleep/wake in some environments. I may try it with Minecraft soon.
And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future
Set and Meet Goals
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Re: Biohack: Virtual Awakening as Primitive FIVR

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Not going to lie my mind thought of going to sleep with VR playing NSFW videos.

I don't want to mess around with trying to trick myself into feeling like I am in FIVR as I feel like it will ruin the enjoyment I get from anticipating the real thing.

In truth I want to spend a good thousand years or so in FIVR when all the need tech has popped out due to super human AGI.
I want to relive my life with different decisions and built in advantages/disadvantages as well as many crazy scenario's I have created. Whist not as crazy there are many tv, movie and video game universes I want to try living in.

The reason why I seem obsessed with AI especially given my lack of understanding in the area is it's a stepping stone to all the enjoyment I will get out of FIVR.
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Re: Biohack: Virtual Awakening as Primitive FIVR

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I suspect that if one were to make these headsets more waterproof and fully seal them around the eyes while placing the user in a sensory deprivation tank, the experience could be amplified greatly. I imagine that a similar procedure to train and indoctrinate vat-grown people or beings spawned from ectogenesis without said beings having to prematurely leave the safety of the vat or biobag in order to mature or strengthen themselves mentally.
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