The future of the Patriot Act

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The future of the Patriot Act

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The Patriot Act should only be used to justify violating the rights of a terrorist, not preventing future terrorist attacks. We shouldn’t be allowed to torture or kill them. Just read their mind. Neuralink’s almost here. We have a perfect lie detector at this point (the P300–see “brain fingerprinting”) and it’s a shame we can’t use it or don’t use it on terrorists instead of torturing them. We should probably also be able to use it in court, since you’re swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Should see a huge drop in crime, at least reported crime. To fix the unreported, maybe parents will implant their kids as babies and use them as young sleeper agents? We don’t have any kids’ rights right now. Weird time in history.



We could have everyone at the UN swear to tell the truth and use a lie detector/mind reader? Not sure where the technology is on this, but if you ask the right questions, a la 40-Year Old Virgin, even without full answers, you can learn a lot.

It could also be a job requirement for us regular folk. Especially certain jobs.

We could basically have a utopia right now if we made everyone use a P300 lie detector.

As long as we all agreed to forgive each other and let the person explain, and get rid of certain laws or gave people amnesty for things like marijuana prohibition and basically all non-violent crime...I think the United States could stay the world superpower forever. Which means we’d have enough money to defend ourselves forever, which should really one of the main goals of the country, like providing for its citizens...

Of course, I still believe in a universal basic income (UBI), which is when the government gives you free money. I’m shocked and saddened that Yang didn’t win (even though there was a mistake and the votes haven’t been formally counted yet...I’m not sure if he can go from 4th place to 1st...fingers crossed) the NYC mayoral race.

I hope that by 2028, people/culture will have evolved enough that we all see free money as a viable solution. Yang was one of the less well-known candidates—the idea was so revolutionary, people tore it down almost immediately or didn’t even give it a chance. Of course, I’m kicking myself in the butt now. Whatever good Biden has done during the pandemic would have been easily beaten by the good a universal basic income would have done. Can still do, if you’re reading this, President Biden.
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Re: The future of the Patriot Act

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The government decides who is and who isn't a terrorist. Maybe one day they will consider singularitans to be terrorists for threatening the established order. Wanting a huge amount of power in the hands of unaccountable elites and trusting them with it to only stop terrorism, which is defined by the elites, is stupid. They will use to mentally melt people who did nothing wrong and create a police state the likes of which has never been seen. Nobody can lie anymore and everyone must obey the state. The state looks for thoughtcrime and will arrest you for thinking something. You sound like someone who believes in INSOC/Pol Pot type of ideology and therefore make me sick to my core.

I hope people like you never gain the power to implement such fascist procedures on the population. You are nothing more than a authoritarian who thinks rich and powerful means god like status among the people.
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