The Beginning Of A Sci-Fi History Book (Just For Fun)

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The Beginning Of A Sci-Fi History Book (Just For Fun)

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// I'm writing this history book written in 3505 just for fun, here's what I busted out in 20 minutes

An Extensive History Of The Cosmic Imperium
Lady Zariya Tarasova



. Chapter One: Forging An Empire / 1905-1918
. Chapter Two: The Advancement Age / 1919-1980
. Chapter Three: Integrating Modernity / 1981-2021
. Chapter Four: Astral Beginnings / 2022-2100
. Chapter Five: The First Migration / 2101-2171
. Chapter Six: Dual Empresses / 2172-2232
. Chapter Seven: Colonial Upheaval And Revolution / 2233-2248
. Chapter Eight: The Absolute Energy Solution / 2249-2299
. Chapter Nine: Expansion Beyond Sight / 2300-2360
. Chapter Ten: Extinction Encounters / 2361-2440
. Chapter Eleven: Darkest Ages / 2441-2640
. Chapter Twelve: Resurgence Of The Stars / 2641-2741
. Chapter Thirteen: Golden Rebirth / 2742-2812
. Chapter Fourteen: The Final Eternal Dynasty / 2813-2893
. Chapter Fifteen: Conquer Of The Cluster / 2894-2944
. Chapter Sixteen: Immortal Symbiosis / 2945-3005
. Chapter Seventeen: Horizon Of Infinite Power / 3006-3086
. Chapter Eighteen: Genetic Genesis / 3087-3187
. Chapter Nineteen: The Mechanical King / 3188-3218
. Chapter Twenty: Proto-Computer Transcendance / 3219-3289
. Chapter Twenty-one: Speaking To The Cosmos / 3290-3390
. Chapter Twenty-two: An Ascendance To The Third Stage / 3391-3451
. Chapter Twenty-three: Modern History: 3452-3503


The Cosmic Imperium was forged through centuries of warfare, danger, and hardship. It was also created by innovation, faith, and exploration. Our great and noble Imperium has seen so much, endured so long, conquered so many trials- that it may as well be our own Deity. Take note, that I do not say that lightly. Our country is a perfect one, that I respect and honor with every fiber of my being. In fact, so much so, that I devoted my essence to it. I spent blood, tears, hopes and dreams on this manuscript you find in your hands today. A manuscript that pays venerable tribute to our dear Imperium in all its glory.

In my three decades of extensive research I uncovered truths and secrets I never considered possible. Hidden in archives and libraries across the cosmic cluster were accounts, tales, and records of an astonishing beautiful history. A history that is clear, must be preserved. I cannot begin to describe the beauty of it all. The stars dying and being born anew, the kings and queens exchanging rule, the battles and the hardships- the triumphs. Nothing is a footnote in this history. Our history.

So, take with you an ounce of pride as you embark on this tale sixteen centuries in the making, and three decades in the writing. Begin a reflection on your past, your ancestors, your beautifully crafted history. Keep in mind the incomprehensible vastness of the universe, and thus our Imperium. Remember, and look forward. For there is always more history to write, always more journeys to embark on, always more beauty to discover. For, this isn’t just the tale of a country- it is the story of all of us.

- Best Regards,
Lady Zariya Tarasova

1905-17 . Planet Mother Zemlya . Imperial Russia
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