Prime Medicine: $315m biotech company emerges from stealth

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Prime Medicine: $315m biotech company emerges from stealth

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This is seriously impressive.

A company (and method) to keep an eye on.


$315m biotech company emerges from stealth

18th July 2021

Prime Medicine, a company with a powerful new gene editing technique, this week announced its official launch with $315 million in financing.


Prime Medicine's new technique – Prime Editing – is a next-generation gene editing technology that acts like a DNA word processor to "search and replace" disease-causing genetic sequences at their precise location in the genome, without resulting in double-strand DNA breaks that cause unwanted cellular changes. This method is highly versatile, with potential to address more than 90% of known disease-causing mutations. [...]

While using methods similar to precursor technologies, such as CRISPR and base editors, it has the major advantage of DNA mismatch repair. This avoids the generation of unwanted and random insertions or deletions which complicate the retrieval of cells carrying the correct edit. CRISPR makes double-strand cuts, which can be lethal to cells. [...] By contrast, Prime Editing snips only a single strand of double-helix DNA.

Read more: ... meline.htm

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