Hi all! Is this what the early internet was like?

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Hi all! Is this what the early internet was like?

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Hi to all!

As the title states I wonder if this is what the early internet was like for some of you old folks out there. I heard that way back around the 1980s to 1990s there was BBS. I'm not sure if there was something more prior to that. If this is somewhat to how it was back then well it feels pretty cool to be on such a forum before it goes mainstream.

I got this forum recommendation on another unrelated forum funny enough. It was a business related one and in a random talk thread this was linked. I have to say the predictions on here are something that is simply amazing and I have yet to find a mainstream site that will outline it like it will here. And I get it too because most people would freak out. The whole timeline stretching out to 2050 for example is full of new and exciting predictions of things to come. Sure they could be off by some years but its still nice to see a general outline of what to expect and how cool it will be!

The coolest stuff on here that keeps bringing me back is the timeline for Nanotech. Sure the brain implants timeline is nice for a cyborg future like in Cyberpunk 2077 but the Nanotech stuff keeps me coming back. I imagine it won't be long before experimental Nanotech stuff predicted in the timelines get started in some way. Its pretty exciting in my view to see the future being brought to reality bit by bit.

A little about me:

• Eddy 30s dude currently in Miami, FL who got into this tech future stuff as a kid thanks to getting a computer when I was young.

• Grew up on some cool futuristic games starting from 2000s and on. Cyberpunk 2077 was an easy transition and even cooler concept of the future.

Glad to be here with you all. Look forward to theorizing about the future with you. As daunting as some things may be it will also be exciting to see what was only a dream 20 years ago come to reality!
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Re: Hi all! Is this what the early internet was like?

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Re: Hi all! Is this what the early internet was like?

Post by funkervogt »

I remember using the internet in 1994, and yes, the websites were mostly bulletin boards like Futuretimeline's. However, the graphics were much poorer, and the available features were spartan. Imagine this bulletin board, but with no colorful image banner at the top, all text in the same font, only 16 colors, and no options to post emojis, images, or to even be able to quote other peoples' comments in your replies.
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Re: Hi all! Is this what the early internet was like?

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