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Urban population, 1950-2100

This graph shows the percentage of the world's population living in urban areas, from 1950 until the year 2100. As of today, around 55% of people are estimated to live in towns and cities. On current trends, this figure is predicted to reach 68% by 2050 and 85% by 2100.


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World Urbanization Prospects 2018, United Nations:

"By 2100, some 85% of the population will live in cities, with urban population increasing from under 1 billion in 1950 to 9 billion by 2100."
Developments and Forecasts on Continuing Urbanisation, European Commission:

By 2100 none of the world's biggest cities will be in China, the US or Europe, World Economic Forum:


Posted: 6th June 2019. Last updated: 6th June 2019.



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