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15th April 2023

How much of the Universe can humanity reach?

Beyond our own Milky Way galaxy, there are physical limits on our access to the Universe. In this new video from PBS Space Time, we explore the absolute limit of our future view of the Universe, and of the Universe's ability to influence us.

We humans have always been explorers. The great civilisations that have arisen across the world are owed to our restless ancestors. These days, there's not much of Earth left to explore. But if we look up, there's a whole Universe out there waiting for us. Future generations may one day explore the cosmos and could even settle entire other galaxies.

However, there is a fundamental limit to how much of the Universe we can expand into. So, just how big could humanity get? Matt O'Dowd, astrophysicist and host of PBS Space Time, looks at the obstacles that our descendants could face in the very distant future.





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