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america shopping mall 2030 future abandoned

25th March 2015

2030 – Half of America's shopping malls have closed

For much of the 20th century, shopping malls were an intrinsic part of American culture. In the early 21st century, however, major changes began to occur.



lava tubes city on moon future timeline

24th March 2015

Huge lava tubes could house cities on the Moon

Old lava tubes big enough to house entire cities could be structurally stable on the moon, according to a theoretical study presented at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.



virtual reality future timeline technology 2015 2020

21st March 2015

Consumer virtual reality will grow exponentially between 2015 and 2020

Several years ago, in the early days of this website, we predicted that virtual reality (VR) would see a major comeback during the second half of the 2010s. This prediction appears to be right on track.



google wearable medical device future technology

21st March 2015

Google files patent for wearable medical device

Google has filed a patent application for a wearable medical device, able to use nanoparticles to detect and treat illnesses such as cancer.



clip 3d printing technology 2015

18th March 2015

Revolutionary 3-D printing method is 100 times faster

A new 3-D printer uses light and oxygen to synthesise materials from a pool of liquid, up to 100 times faster and with far more accuracy than previous methods.




16th March 2015

California marine sanctuaries to more than double in size

The U.S. government has announced plans to expand two major marine sanctuaries off the coast of California – home to a vast array of sea life.




15th March 2015

New class of drugs could slow the aging process in multiple ways

A new class of drugs known as "senolytics" has been shown to increase the healthy lifespan of mice. Not only that but multiple different aspects of the aging process can be improved simultaneously.



alzheimers ultrasound mice treatment 2015

14th March 2015

Alzheimer's breakthrough using ultrasound

A way of treating Alzheimer's disease with ultrasound has been demonstrated in mice, clearing the amyloid plaques in 75% of the animals.




14th March 2015

Panda population increases by 17%

The number of wild giant pandas has increased nearly 17% over the last decade, according to a new survey conducted by the Chinese government.



dubai museum of the future 2017

13th March 2015

Dubai to open "Museum of the Future" in 2017

Dubai is planning a major new attraction devoted to showcasing the latest technological breakthroughs.

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nasa sls engine test

12th March 2015

NASA tests Mars rocket engine

The engine of NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) – the most powerful solid rocket booster ever built – had its first ground test yesterday with officials claiming a "perfect" result. This rocket will eventually send humans to Mars.



genital herpes

11th March 2015

Genital herpes vaccine shows promise in mouse study

Scientists have designed a radical new type of vaccine that could be the first ever for preventing genital herpes.



solar impulse

9th March 2015

Solar-powered plane attempts to fly around the world

The Solar Impulse team have begun their epic journey around the world.



goodyear future tire concept technology 2015 2020

8th March 2015

Futuristic tires could boost electric vehicles

Two futuristic concept tires unveiled by Goodyear at this week’s Geneva International Motor Show could radically change the role of car tires in the future.



total solar eclipse 2045 map usa timeline

7th March 2015

2045 – Total solar eclipse in the USA

A total solar eclipse occurs on 12th August 2045; the fourth longest of the 21st century. It is visible throughout much of the continental United States.



lung cancer illustration stem cells therapy 2015

7th March 2015

Stem cell therapy for lung cancer to begin human trials

A pioneering therapy using bone marrow stem cells to treat lung cancer patients has been announced in the UK.



ceres dawn probe

6th March 2015

NASA's Dawn probe arrives at Ceres

NASA's Dawn probe has begun to orbit Ceres, becoming the first spacecraft to visit a dwarf planet.



cloud city

5th March 2015

Should we colonise Venus instead of Mars?

When it comes to humanity's future colonisation efforts, the space community is focussed intently on Mars. But is that really the best option? Venus may offer a number of advantages, as shown in this video.

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circle line copenhagen 2019

4th March 2015

2019 – The City Circle Line opens in Copenhagen

The City Circle Line is a major upgrade of the Danish capital's metro system, increasing its total number of stations from 22 to 39. Originally planned for completion in 2018, the line is delayed by a year, opening in 2019.



sandisk microsd 200gb capacity exponential technology 2015 timeline

3rd March 2015

200GB microSD card announced by SanDisk

SanDisk has announced the first 200GB capacity microSD card, a 56% increase on its previous record of 128GB just one year earlier.



htc vive consumer virtual reality headset technology 2015

2nd March 2015

"The Vive" – new VR headset being developed by HTC and Valve

HTC, in partnership with Valve, has announced plans to bring mass-market virtual reality a step closer.



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