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fusion reactor

8th October 2015

Fusion reactors economically viable "within a few decades" say experts

Fusion reactors could be economically viable within a few decades, and policy makers should start planning to build them as a replacement for conventional nuclear power stations, according to research by Durham University.




7th October 2015

Nearly one-third of cactus species face extinction

31 percent of cactus species are facing extinction – largely due to illegal trade and other human activity – according to the first comprehensive global assessment.



king crabs global warming antarctic

7th October 2015

2048 – King crabs are infesting Antarctic marine ecosystems

In addition to humanity's increased presence resulting from the Antarctica Treaty review, certain animal species have also begun to move into and exploit the continent, due to changing environmental conditions. King crabs are one such species.




6th October 2015

New test detects all viruses that infect people, animals

Researchers have developed a new test, ViroCap, which can detect nearly any virus known to infect humans and animals. They are making the technology publicly available worldwide, for the benefit of patients and research.



carbon nanotube future technology

3rd October 2015

A breakthrough in replacing silicon with carbon nanotubes

IBM has announced a breakthrough that will accelerate the replacement of silicon transistors with carbon nanotubes. Their new method could work down to 1.8 nm node sizes.



self assembling organic material artificial arteries

3rd October 2015

Self-assembling material could lead to artificial veins

Researchers at Queen Mary University London have demonstrated a self-assembling organic material that grows and changes shape, which could lead to artificial veins.



ray kurzweil

2nd October 2015

Ray Kurzweil: We'll become Godlike when we connect our brains to the cloud

If the futurist Ray Kurzweil is to be believed (speaking here at Singularity University), humans will someday integrate nanobots into their brains and nervous systems.

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nasa missions 2020s

1st October 2015

NASA selects five candidate missions for early 2020s unmanned exploration

As part of its Discovery Program, NASA has selected five unmanned mission concepts that will be refined over the next year, with one or two being chosen for launch in the early 2020s.



liquid water flowing on mars

28th September 2015

NASA reports flowing water on Mars

NASA has announced evidence, for the first time, supporting the presence of liquid water flowing on Mars today.



bosch ev battery technology double range 2020

27th September 2015

New battery technology will double EV range by 2020

German company Bosch – the world's largest supplier of automotive components – is developing a new battery technology that it claims will double the range of electric vehicles by 2020.




26th September 2015

Latest images from Pluto

NASA has released a new set of images from the New Horizons probe, including the most detailed colour photo yet.



quantum teleportation world record distance 2015 future timeline technology

26th September 2015

A wrench just 1.7 nanometres wide

Scientists have built a wrench just 1.7 nanometers wide, providing a fundamentally new way to control the shape of molecules.



quantum teleportation world record distance 2015 future timeline technology

24th September 2015

New world record for quantum teleportation distance

Researchers have "teleported" or transferred quantum information carried in light particles over 100 kilometres (km) of optical fibre, four times farther than the previous record.



enceladus future timeline

16th September 2015

NASA's Cassini probe finds global ocean in Saturn's moon Enceladus

NASA's Cassini probe has discovered a global ocean lying beneath the icy crust of Saturn's geologically active moon Enceladus.



whitney houston hologram tour 2016 future technology

15th September 2015

Hologram of Whitney Houston to go on tour in 2016

The estate of Whitney Houston has announced a collaboration with entertainment company Hologram USA, in which a holographic projection of Houston will appear on stage as part of a world tour next year.



darpa prosthetic hand feels

14th September 2015

DARPA prosthetic hand can "feel" physical sensations

Through DARPA, a 28-year-old paralysed man has become the first person to feel physical sensations through a prosthetic hand directly connected to his brain.



Wind turbine drone inspection future timeline 2024

13th September 2015

2024 – Wind turbine drone inspection is a multi-billion dollar industry

The number of wind turbines around the world has been growing exponentially, in combination with UAV sales and inspection services, which have now reached $6 billion globally.



russia spaceport 2025

13th September 2015

2025 – The first manned flights from Russia's new spaceport

Originally planned for 2018, the first manned flights from Russia's Vostochny spaceport were delayed until 2025.



social media

12th September 2015

Constant use of social media technology causes teen anxiety and depression

A new study by the British Psychological Society warns that constant pressure on teenagers to use social media technology causes lower sleep quality, lower self-esteem, higher anxiety and increased depression levels.



gm baby

11th September 2015

GM babies could be "morally acceptable" in the future

A group of scientists, ethicists and policy experts have released a report, in which they state that research into GM human embryos is "essential" and should be permitted. While the birth of complete GM babies should not be allowed at present, they believe it may become morally acceptable in the future.



3d printed glass technology 2015 future timeline

8th September 2015

3-D printing of transparent glass is now possible

Researchers at MIT have demonstrated the first 3D printing technique able to make transparent glass objects.



quantum dot monitor

7th September 2015

The world's first quantum dot monitor

Philips has launched the world's first quantum dot monitor in Europe, featuring 99% Adobe RGB colour accuracy.



solid state drives future timeline

5th September 2015

2018 – Enterprise-grade SSDs reach 128TB of capacity

By 2018, the largest of the enterprise-grade SSDs are reaching 128TB of capacity, with conventional HDDs lagging further and further behind.



plastic in seabirds 2050

3rd September 2015

Plastic in 99 percent of seabirds by 2050

Researchers have assessed how widespread the threat of plastic is for the world's seabirds and found the majority of species have plastic in their gut.



japan automated lettuce factory

1st September 2015

Japan to open fully automated lettuce factory in 2017

Japanese factory operator SPREAD Co. has announced it will develop the world's first large-scale vegetable factory that is fully automated from seeding to harvest and capable of producing 30,000 heads of lettuce per day.



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