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gay marriage usa trend

20th October 2014

Gay marriage in the United States is progressing faster than expected

Back in 2011, we predicted that same-sex marriage would be allowed in every part of the USA by 2024. It seems this prediction will need revising.



war death trend

19th October 2014

Is war over? — a paradox explained

Believe it or not, we live during the most peaceful time in human history. The historical average is about one or two big wars per century. If we don't have one major war in the next 75 years, we can be really confident that humanity is changing.

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xmm newton observatory

18th October 2014

The first direct detection of dark matter particles may have been achieved

Astronomers have found what seems to be a signature of "axions" – dark matter particles. If confirmed, this would be the first direct detection and identification of the elusive substance, which has been a mystery in physics for more than 30 years.



compact fusion reactor lockheed martin

18th October 2014

Lockheed Martin planning a compact fusion reactor within 10 years

This week, Lockheed Martin announced plans for a small-scale fusion power plant to be developed in as little as
10 years. A number of experts have expressed doubts over its viability.




17th October 2014

Wi-Fi up to five times faster coming in 2015

Samsung Electronics has developed a new way of transmitting Wi-Fi data five times faster than was previously possible. The new technology is expected to be available in consumer devices as early as 2015.



kbo pluto

17th October 2014

Beyond Pluto: New Horizons targets identified

NASA has announced finding several Kuiper Belt Objects that may be targeted by the New Horizons spacecraft following its flyby of the Pluto system in July 2015.



electric cars trend 2015

16th October 2014

2015 – Electric car ownership reaches 1 million worldwide

The number of electric cars is growing exponentially. By 2015, over a million are on the world's roads.



onshore wind power

14th October 2014

Onshore wind is cheaper than coal, gas and nuclear

When health impacts are factored in, onshore wind is actually cheaper than coal, gas and nuclear, according to a new report ordered and endorsed by the European Commission.



milky way galaxy

13th October 2014

Half as much dark matter in Milky Way galaxy as previously thought

New measurements reveal there is half as much dark matter in our galaxy as previously thought – solving the
15-year-old "missing satellite galaxy" problem.



future technology 3d printing

12th October 2014

2019-2024 – 3D printing becomes a mainstream consumer technology

After a period of hype and speculation, 3D printing finally enters the mainstream consumer market.



future london tube train 2022

11th October 2014

2022-2062 – The next generation of London Tube trains

In 2022, new Tube trains are introduced on the London Underground, remaining in operation for 40 years.



solarbox london

10th October 2014

Solarbox London

Solarbox is a new concept that takes disused telephone boxes and transforms them into free, solar-powered charging points for mobile phones.

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stem cells insuline

10th October 2014

A cure for type 1 diabetes may be imminent

Harvard researchers have turned human embryonic stem cells into cells that produce insulin, a potentially major advance for sufferers of diabetes.



fusion reactor design

9th October 2014

Fusion reactor concept could be cheaper than coal

Scientists are developing a new fusion reactor design that could be one-tenth the cost of ITER – while producing five times the amount of energy.



ocean heat content sample

8th October 2014

Ocean warming in Southern Hemisphere has been greatly underestimated

The evidence for global warming continues to pour in. A new study of ocean heat content shows that temperatures have been greatly underestimated in the Southern Hemisphere. As a result, the world's oceans are now absorbing between 24 and 58 per cent more energy than previously thought.




7th October 2014

Premature deaths could be reduced by 40% over next 20 years

New research suggests that, with sustained international efforts, the number of premature deaths could be reduced by 40% over the next two decades (2010-2030), halving under–50 mortality and preventing a third of the deaths at ages 50–69 years.



autonomous swarm boat

6th October 2014

Autonomous swarm boats to defend U.S. Navy

Unmanned, self-guided patrol vessels could be used to protect larger warships, ports and commerce.



amelia ai learning program

6th October 2014

New AI program interacts like a human

A new artificial intelligence platform named “Amelia” makes it possible to automate knowledge distribution across a wide range of functions.



womb uterus illustration

4th October 2014

The first baby born from a womb transplant

Doctors have announced the first baby born to a mother with a womb transplant. This pioneering operation offers hope to thousands of couples who are unable to conceive children.



elon musk tesla

4th October 2014

Elon Musk: Tesla 90% autonomous in 2015

In this interview with CNN Money, Elon Musk says that a Tesla car able to self-drive up to 90% of the time will be launched in 2015.



ed video

4th October 2014


Video by Chris Jones.

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aral sea

3rd October 2014

Eastern basin of the Aral Sea has completely dried up

This year marks another milestone for the Aral Sea — a once huge lake in Central Asia that has been shrinking rapidly since the 1960s. For the first time in modern history, its eastern basin has completely dried up.



titan future mission 2040

2nd October 2014

2040 – Submarine exploration of Titan

In the early 2040s, an unmanned submarine explores Kraken Mare on Saturn's largest moon Titan.



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