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The Beatles' music catalogue enters the public domain

Copyright law has remained largely unchanged since 2019. Accordingly, the Beatles' songs from 1962 are entered into the public domain, 96 years after the band's first single.*


beatles 2058 public domain



A radio telescope is built on the Moon*

By 2058, a radio telescope measuring hundreds of metres wide is being developed on the Moon's far side. This provides a stable platform with slow rotation rate (0.5 arcsec/sec), beyond the interference of Earth's atmosphere and cluttered radio background. It can produce astronomical images with a clarity unmatched by any observatory on Earth or in space. Individual stars, billions of light years away, can be seen assembling into the first galaxies. The telescope is situated within an impact crater. Both it and the surrounding infrastructure are built using material gathered from the Moon itself – drastically reducing costs.*


moon telescope observatory radio future lunar outpost
Credit: NASA




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