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Oakley introduces Airwave ski goggles with heads-up display

28th October 2012

Unrivaled optics performance meets state-of-the-art technologies.



California eyewear manufacturer Oakley has announced the release of a revolutionary new snow goggle. Called Airwave, it combines the company's best goggle technologies with a heads-up display developed by Recon Instruments. Integrating GPS, Bluetooth and a host of onboard sensors, it brings new possibility to the Alpine experience.

Oakley CEO Colin Baden: "Our icon defines the leading edge of performance innovation, and the new Airwave goggle brings Alpine sports into the future with a stunning array of capabilities. It utilises cutting-edge electronics to give skiers and riders instant access to a world of information. Airwave represents the power and possibility of technology, and it comes with world-class optical performance, comfort and protection engineered over decades of Oakley innovation."

With Airwave, alpine sports enthusiasts can access a full range of information transmitted directly to the eye. Snowboarders and skiers can view jump analytics, pinpoint their location on a resort map alongside navigational information, and even locate and track others in their group. Additional sensor information includes distance traveled, altitude, speed and vertical descent data. Pairing with a smartphone allows immediate viewing of incoming calls and text messages, while music playlists on a Bluetooth-enabled device can be easily accessed and controlled by the glove-friendly wireless remote that can be strapped to the user's body or goggle depending on their preference.

Integrated within the goggle, the heads-up display uses innovative prism technology to display information perceived by the wearer equivalent to a 14-inch screen five feet away – so refocusing the eye is not necessary.

Airwave is compatible with both Apple and Android operating systems. Low Energy Bluetooth connectivity allows interface with the wearer's smartphone, heart rate monitor and more. The product will be available from 31st October, retailing at around US$600. The Oakley Airwave App will be upgraded frequently for even more features.


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