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30th December 2012

The future of tire design?

Intelligent tires could be just around the corner – thanks to students from the University of Cincinnati.

South Korean company Hankook Tire Group held a competition in the US which challenged students to imagine the role of tires in future automotive designs. Among the required criteria were sustainability needs – such as reducing and reusing raw materials in production – and increased efficiency, while meeting specific tire performance targets.

Among the winning entries was student Ben Zavala's "Tiltred", an unusual tilting tire design; Mark Hearn's "Motiv" adaptable and dynamic off-road tires which came in second place; and Miranda Steinhauser's "Tessela Tire," featuring eco-friendly, replaceable treads.

Their futuristic designs won two awards from Hankook, as well as being displayed at the prestigious Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas.




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