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11th December 2013

Crime-predicting robot to patrol streets from 2015

Knightscope, a Silicon Valley-based robotics company, is developing the K5 Autonomous Data Machine. This 5-foot-tall mobile robot is equipped with night-time video cameras, thermal imaging, license plate recognition skills, radar, audio and other sensors – in combination with behavioural analysis software – which it can use to predict crimes. The model seen in this video is only a prototype, but the full version being launched in 2015 will have facial recognition software and the ability to detect chemical or biological weapons along with airborne pathogens. Later models will include the ability to traverse curbs and other terrain. Clients will be able to rent these machines for $6.25/hour, or $1,000/month, which is competitive with low-wage human security guards. For more info, see the company's website at knightscope.com.



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