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16th February 2014

Marty McFly's "power laces" coming in 2015

Fans of Back to the Future II will be pleased to know that Marty McFly's iconic "power laces" will be arriving in 2015 – the same year in which the classic 1980s time travelling movie is set.

Back in 2011, Nike produced a limited edition shoe known as the Nike Mag, which they claimed to be an exact replica. However, although featuring an electro-luminescent out-sole, space age materials and a rechargeable internal battery, these failed to include their most memorable feature: the self-lacing ability seen in the film.

Now, it seems they will be included after all, with a relaunch of the famous shoe next year. Nike designer, Tinker Hatfield, confirmed this during his appearance at the Jordan Brand's Flight Lab: "Are we gonna see Power Laces in 2015?", he said. "To that, I say yes!"



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