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25th February 2014

SanDisk reveals the first 128GB microSD card

Flash memory manufacturer SanDisk has announced the first microSD card to reach 128GB capacity. Originally scheduled for release in 2012, the company had major problems fitting such a huge amount of storage into this small a form factor. To overcome these technical issues, SanDisk developed an innovative proprietary technique allowing 16 memory die to be vertically stacked, each shaved to be thinner than a strand of hair. The card delivers twice the speed of ordinary microSD memory cards and offers the highest video recording performance available. SanDisk is displaying the new product at Mobile World Congress being held this week in Barcelona.

"The technology used to design the 128GB Ultra microSDXC card is well in line with what mobile users expect, and demonstrates SanDisk's commitment to mobility," said Christopher Chute at Worldwide Digital Imaging, IDC. "Being able to fit this much capacity into a microSD card smaller than a fingernail is a game changer, and expands the possibilities of what people can do with their mobile devices. The 128GB Ultra microSDXC card frees users from constant concerns around storage limitations."

Data storage has come a long way during the last 60 years. The RAMAC 305 – the first computer with a hard disk drive – weighed over a ton, with a capacity of just 4.4 MB in a wardrobe-sized machine.


sandisk 128gb microsd


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