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25th November 2021

Starbucks opens first cashierless store

Starbucks has become the latest retail chain to implement cashierless technology, providing its customers with a faster and more convenient store experience.


starbucks amazon cashierless store technology


Starbucks has partnered with Amazon to launch a new store format in New York City. This combines the order ahead feature in the Starbucks mobile app and Amazon Go's "Just Walk Out" technology. The result is an easier, more streamlined checkout process.

The store, located at 59th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues, includes a modernised lounge that features individual workspaces and expanded tables with power outlets and USB ports. It offers the full Starbucks menu and a curated assortment of food and beverages in the Amazon Go market, including fresh-prepared salads, sandwiches, bakery items, and snack options.

Starbucks Pickup stores will primarily accept orders placed through the Starbucks app, prior to the customer arriving. Once the customer arrives, they can find the status of their order on a digital screen in the store and then pick up their order directly from a Starbucks barista.

To enter the Amazon Go market and store's lounge seating, customers can use an in-store code in the Amazon Shopping app, Amazon One (a contactless system using biometrics), or a credit card, and then shop like any other Amazon Go store. Once inside, anything customers take off the shelf is automatically added to their virtual cart. Anything they put back on the shelf comes out of their virtual cart. This is made possible by cameras, sensors, and deep learning algorithms. After the customer leaves, they are charged and can access their receipt.


starbucks amazon cashierless store technology


"Amazon Go and Starbucks share a common vision to provide innovative, in-store experiences that are centred on the customer," said Vice President of Amazon Physical Retail, Dilip Kumar. "Customers have enjoyed the effortless shopping experience enabled by our Just Walk Out technology at Amazon Go where they can simply come in, grab something delicious to eat or drink, and just leave and carry on with their day without having to wait in line to pay. We're excited to now share Amazon Go's Just Walk Out shopping experience and curated assortment of fresh-prepared food items and beverages with even more customers at this Starbucks Pickup location in New York City, and can't wait to hear how customers like it."

Starbucks and Amazon Go plan to open at least two additional stores in New York. The next location is planned to be The New York Times Building at 40th Street and 8th Avenue.



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