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8th June 2013

Water in the Anthropocene

Water in the Anthropocene is a short film charting humanity's impact on the water cycle. Evidence is growing that our footprint is now so large that we have driven Earth into a new geological epoch – the Anthropocene.

Human activities such as damming and agriculture are changing the water cycle in significant ways. This visualisation was commissioned by the Global Water Systems Project for a major international conference held recently in Germany.

As datasets build upon one another, the film charts Earth's changing water cycle, why it is changing, and what this means for the future. The vertical spikes that appear in the film represent the 48,000 large dams that have been built.

The film was produced by Globaïa and the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme. It is part of the first website on the concept of humans as a geological force, anthropocene.info.



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