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21st July 2013

The world's first full-colour 3D desktop printer

London and New York-based company botObjects recently announced the ProDesk3D, which they claimed to be the first full-colour 3D printer small enough to fit on a desktop. In addition to its colour abilities and compactness, they confirmed that it would print at 25 microns – some four times more accurate than its competitors (Makerbot's Replicator 2 has a resolution of 100 microns).




This gives an extremely smooth finish, overcoming the issue of surface grooves which often appear in 3D-printed objects. The machine uses different-coloured cartridges on the fly, just like an inkjet printer, instead of requiring single-colour spools of raw plastic to be swapped out. This includes a palette of new "translucent" PLA colours for some impressive blending effects, customisable with software on Windows 7 and Mac OS X. There is no complex or tricky set up, as the ProDesk3D arrives out-of-the-box complete.


prodesk3d software screenshot


The company has received over 100,000 enquiries and expects to ship its first orders by 1st October 2013. The standard and limited edition models both have a somewhat hefty price tag of nearly $3,000 each, making them high-end products. However, the cost of 3D printing has fallen in recent years and if this continues, it is expected to become a mainstream consumer technology by 2020.


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