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15th October 2019

Agility Robotics reveals upgraded Digit walking robot

Founded in 2015, Agility Robotics is developing highly capable bipedal robots for a range of different uses – such as last-mile logistics, telepresence, automated inspection, entertainment, and academic research. By supplying legged machines that can go anywhere a person can go, Agility aims to create a dramatic new mobility option to automate applications never before thought possible.

The company, based in Albany, Oregon, USA, has just revealed the latest iteration of its 'Digit' robot. This machine (version 2.0) now features a ground-up torso redesign, a foot with two degrees of freedom, active cooling and expanded environmental range, a larger battery, and improved perception.

In the video below, Digit can be seen demonstrating shared autonomy, with picking/placing and footstep placement using a combination of autonomous navigation while under local teleoperation.



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